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January 3, 2012 on 7:19 pm

Bennett Awards just completed the design and production of a new set of custom corporate awards for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. These custom recognition awards were created for the US Chamber’s “Hiring Our Heroes” initiative, which honors private sector organizations for their efforts to find meaningful employment for military veterans and service members, and their spouses.

This is the first year that the US Chamber has presented these custom achievement awards. In total, five unique recognition trophies were presented, across a variety of award categories, including overall military hiring, small businesses, women veterans and military spouses, post 9-11 veterans, and “Wounded Warriors”. Recipients of these distinguished recognition awards included PepsiCo, CVS, Union Pacific, API Group, and RecruitMilitary.

Bennett Awards worked closely with the US Chamber to create a unique, distinctive custom corporate awards design for this initiative. These custom sculpture awards feature a realistic figure in the shape of combat serviceman on patrol. The sculpture awards are cast in bronze, and feature a golden brown patina. These award statues are mounted on hand-crafted personalized wood bases. Attached to the these bases are engraved plates with customized engravings that include the US Chamber logos, the name and purpose of the corporate award, the recipient name, and the date of presentation. A detailed view of these custom corporate achievement awards can be seen by clicking the following link: “US Chamber ‘Hiring Our Heroes’ Custom Corporate Awards”.